GENOAK is a neighborhood-to-neighborhood emergency radio communications network for Oakland, California,
and surrounding areas, utilizing General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) equipment


The GENOAK program has purchased a quantity of Wouxun KG-805G GMRS radios plus high-capacity batteries to get a 10% discount. GENOAK will pre-program these for you. Contact us for more information and to place an order. Note that the FCC (and GENOAK) require a GMRS license and call sign to transmit (talk) on these radios–instructions to obtain yours are noted here.

Emergency Radio Communications

In the event of a large-scale emergency such as a major wildfire or earthquake, individuals and neighborhood groups in and around Oakland may need to depend on information and assistance from other nearby neighborhoods. However, cellular, Internet and landline phone communications may be overloaded or disrupted. 2-way radio service though, such as the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS), can enable effective communications between neighborhood groups when other means are unavailable.

When a disaster does occur, a GMRS radio network can allow neighborhood groups to connect with each other to report on threats and incidents, provide status updates, share resources, mobilize volunteers and coordinate needed assistance, among other tasks. Individuals and neighborhood groups will also be able to communicate for some time period during power outages (Public Safety Power Shutoffs).

GENOAK (GMRS Emergency Network – Oakland) is the GMRS radio network service created by the Oakland Firesafe Council’s Oakland Community Preparedness & Response (OCP&R) program. An Oakland-based GMRS repeater is being provided to OCP&R by the Northern California GMRS Users Group (NCGUG).

GMRS Emergency Network Repeater

A General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) repeater provides the ability for GMRS “repeater-capable” 2-way radios to communicate over greater distances and around obstacles such as terrain, infrastructure and foliage that may block point-to-point signals (as depicted above). An Oakland-based GMRS repeater has been configured for the GENOAK emergency neighborhood-to-neighborhood radio communications network. This GMRS repeater is located above the Caldecott Tunnel in the Oakland Hills and can provide coverage throughout Oakland and adjoining cities north and south.

Be Prepared to Respond!

Natural disasters are not unknown in Oakland. The devastating 1991 Oakland Firestorm killed 25 people and destroyed over 3,000 homes, and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake caused extensive damage including the collapse of the Cypress structure and tragic loss of 42 lives.

Oakland’s extensive Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) as well as the Hayward Fault, an interconnected 120-mile-long major quake zone under the City, present wildfire and earthquake disaster threats. In light of this, the Oakland Firesafe Council has launched the Oakland Community Preparedness & Response (OCP&R) program to provide awareness, education, materials and support to help increase the overall community preparedness level and to improve disaster response capabilities for all of Oakland. The GENOAK network is one service of the OCP&R program to help local residents better respond to and recover from an emergency.

The OCP&R program provides information, Guides and videos on how you can prepare yourself, your family and your community for a disaster, such as a wildfire or earthquake. The information provided by OCP&R is intended to cover the most important actions that you can take now to help protect your property and your lives.

Many thanks to Berkeley’s BeCERTAINN program for guidance and permission to borrow portions of their site content, and to the NCGUG/Northern California GMRS Users Group for providing select access of its Oakland GMRS repeater to GENOAK.