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Request GENOAK Repeater Access (Oakland/East Bay)

If you live in Oakland or an adjacent East Bay city and would like the 2-way radio access/programming information to connect to the GENOAK network, please include your full name and email address, any community group or CERT Team affiliation, and your FCC GMRS call sign in the message box below. The access information will then be emailed to you.

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If you are in the Oakland/East Bay area you are welcome to join our GENOAK email list to receive important GENOAK notices. Include your name and email below and note that you want to join the email list, and you will be added.

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GMRS Emergency Network – Oakland (GENOAK)
Oakland, California, USA
An Oakland Firesafe Council program

GENOAK created by:
Doug Mosher, Oakland Firesafe Council (WQOY819/KI6DOG)